45 Symbols

As designers we all have had our moments, experiences, and a life of ups and downs. We can relate to one another through these experiences in which many seem to reoccur throughout one another. Many moments are imprinted in our brain in which we will never forget, no matter if it was a good or bad. What are the reasons behind all the memories? Well, allow me to recreate these moments no matter if they bring a tear to the eye or make you cringe.

Each of these symbols will illustrate a moment that I and many have experienced through the journey of graphic designing. From pen and paper, taken to the scanner to be forever remembered. Things happen for a reason and we can go back to look at them to have a good laugh. Some mishaps will never go away and most will continue to happen because there is no way around them. Others happen spontaneously without warning and sometimes catches us at the worst moment maybe towards a deadline. While we may take note so it cannot happen in the future, there is no stopping the many bumps down the line. Overall, stay strong and design on.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 6.35.48 PM
Life of Design

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